Ham, bacon, turkey bacon, turkey breast, sausage, turkey patty, or beef patty. $4.00

Roasted potatoes, fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, or french fries. $3.50

Sweet potato fries. $3.50

Avocado or guacamole. $3.00

Beets, broccoli, spinach, mixed vegetables, asparagus, or quinoa salad. $4.00

Toast (wheat, sourdough, or rye) with jelly. $3.00

English muffin or croissant. $3.00

Bagel with cream cheese. $3.50

Brown rice, spanish rice, or beans. $4.00

Premium chicken breast. $6.00

2 eggs any style. $4.00

Sushi grade, grilled salmon. $10.00

NY Steak. $15.00

Filet Mignon. $17.00